Back From Alabama!

We had a great visit with family there. I swear, it was like going to summer camp (Nature walks! Fishing! Archery! Caving!) but with air conditioning, fridges, and showers (yay!). It was neat that the kids and I had just read Little House In the Big Woods the week before we went. It gave them a different point of view, both for the trip and for the book!

The Girl got to show off her baking and decorating skills with grandma, making cake pops and cookies and things. Great grandma taught my husband how to gut a fish. The baby ate the fish and begged for more.

I have a bunch of pictures to post, over the next week or so. And I lost 7 pounds!

Thanks to my wonderous in-laws for the use of the “Tiny House” as the baby called it. It was a really wonderful, wonderful trip. And as my husband said, I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of telling The Story of the Time We Took Great Grandma Down Into The Cave And Back Up Again.

Today we tried to let the mantis out again. She started to look comfortable out in the sun and the breeze, but she took the first opportunity she had to jump on my husband’s back and beg for a ride back inside, so she may just be a domesticated mantis now. (Yes, she’s back in the kitchen.)

The overturned plastic cups made great mini-greenhouses for some of the plants in the garden. I managed to save a few of the sick looking romanesco, kale, and mizuna with them. Today I replaced a few dead collards, a dead kale, a missing fennel, and thinned out where I accidentally dropped half a package of bok choi.

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