Art Lesson, Drawing With Children

We found time to do another lesson from Drawing With Children. Now that they are learning the basic elements of shape, it’s time to see more ways we can use them to put together a nice drawing. The lesson also introduces the idea of representational art, where things don’t look completely authentic, and that’s fine. It also shows how to make mistakes into happy accidents, to use Bob Ross’ terms. And finally, to make sure your art expresses an interesting mood or point of view.

First, we warmed up:

She may not have the elements of shape all down, but this definitely has a mood!


He also made a face, but he used the random elements of shape  asked for (4 circles, two touching)
The youngest says this is many fish, and then she chopped up the edges with scissors

Then we did the lesson in the book, which was about drawing a picture of a lion (it shows step by step how to make it, and I do each step to show them how)…

I started drawing the example from the book and ran out of space


Embellished lion, and a scene with flowers, a tree, and a starry sky


The little one did her own thing, and calls this “Braaaaains!”

The boy decided he wasn’t inspired by the lion and decided to draw the plasma ball instead. At first he dashed off this tiny scrawny little drawing.

I pointed out that even people who draw cartoons (or anime or manga) often draw them bigger and then shrink them down to fit in a book in order to make sure they can get enough detail in the drawing. So he tried again, much bigger, and with more detail.

I was pleased with both kids. The Girl had a really nice scene with beautiful colors, and the boy really took some time to make something to be proud of.

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