Haiku for the Guild

We’ve recently re-activated our World of Warcraft accounts, thanks to Blizzard’s latest resurrection scroll deal. Originally I stopped playing when I was pregnant with the third child. I can’t think or sit or exist when I’m pregnant, and you can’t do raids with morning sickness. Or at least I can’t. Then I had a baby and we moved and there wasn’t any time. Instead I played a lot of Terraria, Minecraft, Bejewelled, and a few short DS games.

In order to join a particular guild, the requirement is to write a haiku. Now, my son once threw a tempter tantrum for an hour because I suggested it might be fun to write one, back when we were studying medieval Japan. I didn’t say he had to. Just started telling him how it’s done. It was Golden week, too, so we already made samuri hats and origami baskets and all sorts of fun stuff. But he would not even listen to haiku. Apparently it was too much.

Fast forward to today. He wanted to join the guild, so he wrote the haiku.

The little worm plays
Dancing in the sunlit park
Under the oak tree

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