1, 5, and 10 Years Ago in March

One Year Ago:

It was cold. It was snowing. We had fevers. It was miserable and winter would never go away. Had to take the poor baby to the ER for dehydration. Our dear Iggy passed away, too, just after her 18th birthday. On the plus side, I taught a barely one-year old to feed me Cheetos. The kids became obsessed with listening to a song about history. The Boy turned 8. Japan had a really bad month, and I spent a lot of time home sick with the kids with running commentary on the nuclear reactor. I didn’t really sleep this month at all.

Five Years Ago:

Found us at the ER with a different sick baby. We learned our little one had asthma and a touch of pneumonia. But we also had a 4 year old! This month was just all headaches, literally, for everyone. Everyone was having health stuff discovered and sorted out, really. I was playing with XML Schemas and XSLT 2 at work…

Ten Years Ago:

I bought a Brand New Car! All by myself, too. So, apparently our VW wagon is 10 years old now. We bought it, knowing we’d need two cars and (hopefully) room for a baby within a year or so. Up until then, we shared one car. We got the wagon because we needed space for a big telescope too. We spent a lot of time sky gazing on top of mountains in those days.
Also, my brother visited from the East Coast with his lovely daughter <3 and we enjoyed the coming of spring by taking pictures of ducks playing in the minty backyard of my parents’ house.

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  1. I looked back at flickr, email, facebook, pictures on my harddrive, chat logs. It started because I was trying to see if I was going as crazy when K was 2 years old… and yes, yes I was.

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