Resolution 7: Volunteer

Description: To step up and help out with friends, family, groups, the community, and so forth.

Motivation: I want to feel like I’m pulling my weight with the cub scouts, soccer team, homeschool community, and with people who are having a hard time with… anything. Times are rough, but I have it pretty good.

Method: Now that the baby is getting older, it should start being possible for me to actually function as a human being for an hour or two each day. I should be able to at least be near her without carrying her or attending to her 30 times a minute. (Now, of course, that seems to all be theoretical right now, but we’re talking goals for the year, not goals for next week!). I want to plan something for cub scouts, maybe an astronomy meeting. I want to organize a homeschool field trip. I’m interested in helping with the local food bank — heck, maybe they need someone to set up a gluten free section. Heck, I want to just watch my nieces and nephews a few times and let their parents have kid-free time. 🙂

Goal: I think this is one I will need to re-evaluate in a few months and see what we can do. A lot of these goals relate to the other goals.

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