This Week in Homeschooling #3

Okay, maybe I can handle posting once a week… The baby is more mobile and less nap-prone, and I can’t find time.  This is what we did the week of 1/16-1/22.

I started each day by reading a poem out of our new poem book:

  •  Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost — because of the snow!
  • The Destruction of Sennacherib, Lord Byron — The Boy was pleased to learn poems can also be about war.
  • The Red Wheelbarrow, William Carlos Williams — They liked this one best! The chickens stuck in their heads.
  • Sonnet 18, Shakespeare
  • The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe

The boy spent the week reviewing his basic math facts, which apparently all fell out of his head. He also started learning about averages, which for some reason he doesn’t like.

The Girl started her science classes. This week we talked about categorizing things, and I pulled out the button bag and had the kids organize them into different piles based on whatever characteristics they wanted. After some time, they realized they had some buttons that fit into multiple piles, so I introduced the idea of Venn Diagrams. We also discussed how vending machines sort coins by size.

We went to a local homeschoolers Game Day for the first time, and played a fun game about a sinking island and met new people.

We finished our lesson about diffusion and Brownian motion and began delving into cells. The pond water grandma gave us is full of all sorts of things that are still alive, so we looked at them and some onion skin. Also, we put a  chicken bone in vinegar to see what would happen, and I made The Boy posit a hypothesis (he thought the bone would “dissolve into chunks” and discussed diffusion).

In language arts, he’s really excited about diagramming sentences — we learned all about linking verbs and the subject complement and practiced finding the direct object of our action verb.

For history, we studied Peter the Great. Grandma sent pictures of Peterhof and the kids drew what a city would look like if they built it from scratch.

I finally put together all of the parts of All About Spelling, so The Girl began learning phonograms their way. We read more in her High Five magazine and she actually drew a square! She’s had some weird mental block about squares for ever and ever, so it’s nice to know she’s gotten over that. And she’s very good at simple addition and subtraction.

In cub scouts, they worked on their art belt loops, which involved learning about texture and tint/shade, making clay sculptures, and using stamps and things to make cards for people. He used one card for his sister’s birthday card, which I thought was very sweet. He even wrote her name and address on it. He also played chess against me and the Nintendo DS to work on his chess belt loop. He is also working on finishing up all his Wolf requirements, so he’s charting his hygiene habits, his household chores, and we discussed respect, the environment, and recycling.

He video chatted with a friend in California, and they apparently enjoy doing Madlibs together. (Yay!) Plus, he got to listen to his cousin’s band concert.

And that’s all I can remember. 🙂

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